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Accessories for various purposes : special shape lens holder for trap and skeet, different sizes nose-piece bridges, different length nose-piece stem for pistol and rifle / shotgun, sides with elastic band for perfect fit, polarized filter, ...... etc.

A new version of carrying case (right) is now avaialbe. Compared to the original case (left) it has much more space for the glasses frame and accessories, measuring 23mm wide, 20mm deep, 5.3mm thick. Glasses frame shown not included but an Allen screw-driver comes with the new large case.

Adjustable iris diaphragms control both the amount of light entering the eye as well as the depth of field of the sight picture.

These new iris diaphragms can be used for either left or right eye. They are clip-ons instead of the old screw-on design.

Iris diaphragms are to be installed between the lens and the eye.

42mm, 32mm, and 25mm lensholders.

Lensholders for the new SuperOlympic have a straight bar at the top instead of the "L" bar.

The new combi-shield conforming to the current ISSF rule of 30mm width limit ( left ).

Shooters for other events who want maximum size eye-shields, for sighting comfort and/or safety purposes, can use the classic combi-shields with side-flaps.

These new side-shields conform to the current ISSF rule of 40mm height ( vertical ) limit.

You have a choice of either gray or translucent, both will fit all Champion shooting glasses. The original style side side shields are still available for those who prefer maximum shield area and are not shooting ISSF matches.

An adjustable elastic band to replace the regular sides offering maximum comfort.

Available for Olympic Champion and other models.

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