Introducing the latest version of Combro cb-625 MK4 chronograph
The new version MK4 features a hinged support that allows the user quickly swing the unit away for actual test firing at the target without the worry of damaging the unit. The measuring path is also enclosed so measurments under broad daylight are improved.
Please note: These units are factory calibrated and do not come with a test reference number on the back.
The cb-625 MK4 is a compact chronoscope specifically designed for .177 and .22 airguns.

Use it as a tuning aid, consistency test, to get the most out of a cylinder of air / gas, to detect problems before they become serious ( e.g. leaking seals...etc. ), and to ensure the airgun is within legal specifications.

Specifications and features:
Dimensions: 83 x 49 x 23 mm
Weight: approx. 55 g with batteries
Accuracy: better than 1%
Units: Metric or imperial
Resolution:0.1 m/s; 0.01 joule
Power supply: Four 1.5 volt batteries ( Duracell LR44, Eveready A76, Varta V13GA, or equivalent )
Lighting: No special lighting / screens required. Works in ambient light
Measurements: Velocity and power ( maximum / minimum / average )
Maximum velocity: up to 600 m/s
Maximum power: up to 75 joules
Display: Large LCD read-outs in either metric or imperial units
Interface: Optional interface si-625 may be used for more detailed displays and expanded functions
Mounting: Only on circular surface ( barrel or cylinder ) with 12 to 32 mm diameter

Ready to shoot. IMPERIAL mode.
Ready to shoot. METRIC mode.
"bad". Pellet missed the second sensor.
Second sensor is blocked or damaged.
First sensor is blocked or damaged.
Error. Check batteries and / or connections.
Display test ( when holding down RST button ).


1. Always follow safety procedures in handling your airguns - stay clear of the muzzle at all times!

2. Combro chronograph contains glass components in its display panel. Handle with care.

3. Improper alignment of the chronograph's sensors with the barrel may lead to the pellet hitting the sensor(s) thus causing irreversible damage to the unit as well as possible bodily harm.

4. If you do not think you can handle this chronograph safely, please do not use it. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banner.