Reprinted by permission of Carl Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG.

Education Target, black bulls-eye without rings.
This target is of help to all shooters - both beginners and advanced shooters - tp leave off counting while shooting. As counting isn't possible any longer the shooter concentrates himself more on the area of aim and upon a good let-off of the trigger. Therefore, the shooter will learn to place hits very close together and the results will improve in competition.

No. 1300: For air rifle, 10 x 10 cm.
No. 2300: For air pistol, 17 x 17 cm.
No. 3300: For smallbore rifle, 20 x 20 cm.

Special Target for Pistol Training
created by Messrs. Konig, Geddelsbach

This special target has neither scoring rings nor a black aiming zone ( centre ), The intensity of the printing ink runs from 5 percent at the outside to 100 percent in the centre. While using this target for training it happens, that the hits are much smaller groups than they were while using normal targets.

No. 2808: For air pistols, 17 x 17 cm.

Special Target for Sighting-in Pistols
created by Erwin Glock

This target is made for sighting-in pistols very precisely. Firstly the shooter concentrates solely upon the symmetry of the gaps between the rear sight and the front sight. It should be possible after only a few adjustments to hit the inner rectangle, which has the width of the 10 ring of the target. Deviations in the height are possible, they will be ignored.

Now the target will be turned 90 degrees and the same procedure has to be done concerning the control of the height of the hits. Herby the shooter turns his attention onto the same height of the rear sight and the front sight and should hit within a very short time the inner rectangle, which is now the diameter of the 10 ring in its height. Also here deviations in the breadth will not be noticed as deviations in the height direction. After having done this to his satisfaction the shooter will have managed the sighting-in of his pistol.

This target can also be used to eliminate faults, which creep in during the period of competitions. The target forces the shooter to watch the sight very attentive, to hit the inner rectangle. Because of the accurate shape the busy shooter will be able within a short time to reach a faster shooting. This is an advantage for the shooter during the competition, because he is saving energy.

No. 2805: For air pistol, 17 x 17 cm.

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