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Please note: We no longer carry stock on air guns.

This page is for information only.

Morini Competition Arms

Morini 162EI Morini 162EI:
* uses pre-charged air
* two cylinders with pressure gauge
* sufficient for 200 shots from 200 bar charge
* low air pressure trigger lock
* electronic trigger with dry fire mechanism
* 1st stage trigger: 50-300 gm
* 2nd stage trigger: 300-700 gm
* 2 x 1.5 volt AAA batteries last up to 15,000 shots
* Lothar Walther precision barrel
* Morini anatomical grip
* muzzle compensator eliminates barrel flip
* interchangeable front sight, adjustable rear sight
* fitted carrying case with accessories

Morini 162EI Short Morini 162EI Short:
* barrel length is 190mm
* about 150 shots from a 200 bar cylinder
* overall weight is only 960 grams
* other features similar to 162EI

Morini 162M Morini 162M:
* mechanical trigger
* one detachable cylinder only, with gauge
* other features similar to 162EI

Techincal Data:162EI162EI Short162M
Caliber:4.5 mm /.177 in4.5 mm /.177 in4.5 mm /.177 in
Length:410 mm370 mm410 mm
Height:140 mm140 mm140 mm
Width:50 mm50 mm50 mm
Weight:1020 gm960 gm1020 gm
Barrel length:240 mm190 mm240 mm
Sight radius:310 - 360 mm300 - 350 mm310 - 360 mm
Trigger Mechanism:electronicelectronicmechanical

Morini Grip Size References:

Small: 45 - 53 mm
Medium: 50 - 60 mm
Large: 54 - 64 mm

The above numbers indicate the approximate range of adjustment as measured on the front strap ( the second section of your middle, fourth, and little fingers ).

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