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Olympic Champion

The Olympic Champion frame is made of titanium. Two micrometer controlled anchors slide sideways. Three anchor holes allow variation in eye relief of the lens. Another micrometer controls the height of the nosepiece stem.

The sides are spring loaded for fit and comfort, and is adjustable in length. The ends have silicone sleeves for secure wearing over the ears.

The silicone nosepad helps eliminate slipping on the nose.

Olympic Offset / Archery Champion

Archers and rifle shooters in standing events who use extreme aiming position often find themselves having to place the lens in the center of the frame, where the nosepiece stem is. This creates a congestion problem.

Champion solved the problem by making the Olympic Offset / Archery Champion.

The nosepiece stem can be moved along the frame to one side, and the nosepad comes back to the center to sit on the nose. In the mean time, the lens can take the position of where the nosepiece stem used to be - the center of the frame!

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