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Peltor LiteCom Headset

The all new Lite-Com is a compact 2-way communication system. Instead of separate headset and radio, the radio is now built into the headset's earcups. It is the most economic solution to start up a two-way communication system with hearing protection when you do not already own a 2-way radio.

Lite-Com Features:

* 5 channel transceiver
* Ghost voice selection
* Voice activated or Push-to-talk transmitting
* Noise canceling electret microphone
* Flexible antenna
* Operates on two AA batteries
* Low battery voice prompt indicator
* Squelch Adjustment
* Headband, neckband, and slotted hard hat versions available

Power Source:two AA batteries
Channels:A..... 49.830 mHz
B..... 49.845 mHz
C..... 49.860 mHz
D..... 49.875 mHz
E..... 49.890 mHz
Service Area:Up to 400m,
depending on environment
Modes of Operation:VOX ( Voice activated )
PTT ( Push-to-Talk )
Attenuation:NRR = 25 dB - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banner.