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Peltor Motorsport --The Choice of World Champions

G79 Rally Helmet
. SNELL SA2010
. HANS post anchors
. FIA8858-2010
. Kevlar/Carbon Fiber/Foberglass composite
. Built-in hearing protector cups
. Adjustable noise cancelling dynamic boom microphone
. Comaptible with FMT111, FMT120, FMT200
. Compatible with FL50 series adapters . Order as G79*-D VI, *Sizes: M(57-58), L(59-60), XL(61-62)

G90 Formula Helmet
. Comfortable, attractive design
. Helmet shell constructed of a Kevlar mix
. Liner made of fire-resistant NOMEX blue
. BSI approved (BS6658-85 Type A/FR red label)
. Weight 1500 grams
. Order as G90*-D VI, *Sizes: M (58 cms), L (60 cms), XL (62 cms)
G7 Power Boating Helmet
. Approved under E-2204 and E-2205
. Signal red for action at sea
. Shell made of Tricomp (a composite of fibreglass, polyaramide and carbon fibre)
. Extra waterproof interior and comfortable hearing protector cups that attenuate ambient noise
. Built-in communication set, with quick-adjusting, ambient noise-compensated microphones
. Weight 1400 grams
. Order as G7*-02-D RC, *Size: S (55–56), M (57–58), L (59–60), XL (61–62)

Padded Helmet Bag
Keep your helmet clean and protected.
Order as VT612.
Rally Practice Headset
. Comfortable, high noise attenuating headset (NRR 25)
. Adjustable, noise canceling microphone
. Order as MT7H79A

Helmet size reference chart
Peltor FMT110 Intercom Amplifier
The FMT110 provides a full-duplex connection with a special frequency filter for extra high sound quality. Splash-protected design with cables heavily shielded with heat-resistant polyurethane.
Power supply from a 9-V battery (10–20 hours operating time) or from the car’s 12-V system using an FC15 battery eliminator.
The driver mike sensitivity is set at 10 dB lower than the navigator’s to give the navigator priority. This feature can be disconnected in the amp.
Peltor FC15 Battery eliminator
Used to connect the FMT100/FMT110 amplifier to the car’s 12-V battery.
Peltor FMT200 Rally Intercom
. Provides full DUPLEX intercom communication
. Radio or cell phone transmit and receive inputs are standard
. Pilot and co-pilot individual volume adjustment
. Vox sensitivity adjustment
. Operates on a 9V battery or vehicle power
. Rugged, watertight aluminum casing - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banner.