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The best just got better!
Peltor has engineered a new muff line that provides higher levels
of NRR through state-of-the-art liquid/foam muff cushion designs
and increased muff cup volumes, thus optimizing attenuation.

Peltor earmuff designations:
A = Headband
B = Neckband
F = Folding
P3E = For slotted hard hats
HY = Hygiene kits


Extreme Performance H10 series

The H10 series provide highest possible protection
at both high and low frequencies
due to the twin-cup design.

H10A NRR=30 dB
H10B NRR=29 dB
H10P3E NRR=27 dB
H10B and H10P3
H10B on left, H10P3 on right

HY10 Hygiene kit for H10 series

Select Performance H9 series

Despite its lightweight, the H9 series is excellent
for protection against high frequency noises.

H9A NRR=25 dB
H9B NRR=25 dB
H9P3E NRR=23 dB
HY9 Hygiene kit for H9 series

Deluxe Performance H7 series

Increased attenuation, especially in the lower frequency range,
makes this model suitable for most noisy environments.

H7A NRR=27 dB
H7B NRR=26 dB
H7F NRR=26 dB
H7P3E NRR=24 dB

H7B, H7F, and H7P3
H7B on left, H7F in center, H7P3 on right

HY7 Hygiene kit for H7 series

Low-Profile Performance H6 series

Extremely low profile and light weight, ideal for
light industrial applications.

H6A NRR=21 dB
H6B NRR=21 dB
H6F NRR=21 dB
H6P3E NRR=21 dB
H6A, H6F, and H6P3
H6A on left, H6F in center, H6P3 on right

HY6 Hygiene kit for H6 series

Peltor Junior

Designed and sized specially for youth and small adults,
it is very comfortable for extended use.

Peltor Junior
Comes in black.

Available only in headband version.

NRR=22 dB

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