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World Champion 3

This is one step up from the basic World Champion 1. The nose stem is adjustable in height by loosening a screw and sliding the stem up or down. The nose pad is made of slip-resistant silicone with a metal center, which is pliable to allow proper fitting on the user's nose. The earpieces are also silicone covered to improve comfort.

Instead of a straight vertical bar the lens connecting block is attached to a right angle bar, allowing eye relief adjustment when needed.

World Champion 4

What sets the World Champion 4 apart from World Champion 3 is the nose stem. It is adjustable by turning a knob on top of the frame, the nosepiece will slide up or down to the desired position. Adjustment is fast and direct. The sides are spring-loaded for a snug fit.

World Champion 4 can also be ordered with an offset nosepiece ( either left or right, fixed ).

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